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ABOUT Seminars: Cost $500 Plus $140 PassPoint Test Bank

SALE MAY 21st SEMINAR in SAYRE, PA  $250 (1/2 Price)


  • An 8-hour day of specific keys and tools to PASS your NCLEX.
  • The seminar prepares you to take the NCLEX in the next 6-8 weeks.
  • Focusing on NCLEX test prep with real examples and “MUST KNOWS”.
  • Each student also qualifies for 2 individualized virtual tutoring sessions after the seminar ($100 value).
  • Guarantee to work with each student until NCLEX success has been reached – A “PASS”.
  • Seminars are conducted by Dr. Sherrie Bazin, RN-BC, NHA, and Jill Purcell, BSN, RN-BC.
  • Lunch provided FREE.
  • Includes Study Workbook ($79 value) includes “Must Knows”, examples, and learning keys
  • Utilizing Lippincott’s NCLEX-RN or PN PassPoint test bank 6-month subscription (additional purchase at the $140 RN or $109 PN discounted rate).  The Student Nurse is partnered with Lippincott as an affiliate for your benefit!
  • Purchase of test bank must be made in order to be prepared for the seminar.  If your school has already purchased the Lippincott PassPoint test bank for you please email for your class code to access the seminar class.  You DO NOT need to re-purchase a separate test bank.
  • Email for more information or questions
  • A discount coupon is given to each seminar participant for a friend or future academic purchases ($25  value)


Seminars and Tutoring are available for individual nursing programs.  If your program is interested in contracting for services please contact Dr. Bazin at


        Lippincott NCLEX-PN PassPoint Powered by PrepU


About this Product

Lippincott NCLEX-RN PassPoint, Powered by PrepU is a personalized and comprehensive learning system designed to help students fully prepare for the NCLEX-RN. PassPoint provides students with multiple outlets for individualized review, quizzing, and practice, helping to pinpoint areas requiring additional focus. For instructors, PassPoint’s reports, question library, and assignment engine combine to provide class-wide and student-specific insights and details that help faculty steer class learning and intervene with struggling students.

Personalized Adaptive Quizzing. As students take Practice Quizzes, PassPoint quickly determines current knowledge and delivers questions of just the right difficulty. Students learn more efficiently because they don’t waste time on material that is too easy or too hard. Students can take independent or assigned quizzes. The flexible assignment engine allows instructors to deploy auto-generated Mastery Level quizzes individualized for each student or customized quizzes they create from a vast question library of more than 12,000 questions.

Simulated Adaptive Exams. Practice Exams in PassPoint allow faculty to assign students to independently take comprehensive examinations similar to the actual NCLEX-RN in the number of questions and duration of the examination. And Practice Exams adapt question by question, just like the NCLEX-RN, testing students’ ability to answer easier and more difficult questions in a single test. Practice Exams also cover the spectrum of Client Need categories in percentages consistent with the NCLEX-RN 2019 test plan. Students and instructors can explore performance in single exams and, more importantly, across multiple exams. Evaluation of performance over time helps students and programs build confidence and ensures accurate expectations about performance on the actual licensure test.

Clinically Oriented RemediationPassPoint Answer Keys contain SmartSense links to relevant content from Lippincott Advisor and Lippincott Procedures — evidence-based, point-of-care content used by practicing nurses in more than 1,700 hospitals. Through SmartSense remediation, students can better understand why incorrect answers are wrong and remediate immediately and effectively. The level of content facilitates the transition from the classroom to the real world of nursing, because the content has been specifically designed for use in clinical practice.

Interactive media. The Course Content tab of PassPoint contains a host of multimedia assets spanning topics across the nursing curriculum, providing students with interactive tools for reviewing content. SmartSense links to these assets are also provided in PassPoint Answer Keys.

Personalized ReportsPassPoint’s personalized reports give insights into where students and the overall class stand. By examining these reports regularly, students and faculty can better understand the current status and take the necessary actions to improve performance … and ultimately NCLEX outcomes!

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