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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  What is my school name when purchasing items from Lippincott (Directly or via this website)?

A:  TheStudentNurse is the school name (run all words together).


Q:  Do I purchase the tutor separately from the test bank?

A:  Yes, the tutoring fee is paid directly to TheStudentNurse, this fee covers the cost of the service.  The test bank is purchased directly from Lippincott via this website at a discounted price.


Q: I don’t know which tutor to pick.  Can I get assistance in making a choice?

A:  Yes, email and assistance is available to meet your specific needs.  Sherrie will ask you about your background and previous learning experiences and recommend the best tutor for your success.


Q:  I have not graduated yet, but soon.  Can I get started with NCLEX prep tutoring now?

A:  Yes, we can start about 2 months before graduation.  We will have you ready to test about the same time your ATT is approved.


Q.  I am not doing well in my Medical-Surgical Nursing course.  I want to hire a tutor but my school uses a different textbook.  Can I still get help?

A:  Yes, The Student Nurse uses the materials from Lippincott.  You will need to purchase these materials which are well worth their cost. Medical Information/Materials are the same information however, the quality of presentation and explanation of the medical information is superior from the publisher-Lippincott.  We will have you passing your course in no time.


Q:  I have failed the NCLEX multiple times.  I have tried many different study sites and test banks.  Can The Student Nurse really help me? 

A;  Yes, we have a set program that breaks down the questions.  Most likely you have been studying medical facts versus nursing concepts.  We teach you how to think like a nurse.  We continue to tutor you until NCLEX success has been reached.

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