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  1. I agree to hire tutoring services from THE STUDENT NURSE.
  2. I will choose my tutor based upon my own preferences. THE STUDENT NURSE may suggest a
    tutor based upon individual needs and availability.
  3. I agree that all materials are proprietary and are to be used only by the student engaging in
  4. I agree to purchase the test bank.
  5. I agree services are designed to be 6-8 weeks in length. Services may be extended if tutor
    deems necessary.
  6. I agree I will complete 3000-5000 quiz questions in the purchased test bank as a minimum in
    addition to exams and assignments during the 6–8-week tutoring service.
  7. I agree, if I do not complete the required number of 3000-5000 questions and I fail the exam I
    am waiving the service guarantee.
  8. I agree to weekly sessions and I will notify my tutor 48 hours in advance for rescheduling
  9. I agree if I do not give a 48 notice of rescheduling my weekly session it may be forfeited if the
    tutor is unable to accommodate the change.
  10. I will communicate with my tutor via email, text, skype, or zoom.
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