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About Miranda

My name is Miranda. I was given a second chance at love, and I’ve been remarried for 4 years. I am a proud mom of three girls and bonus mom to one boy. I have been a registered nurse for 16+ years, most of which was in labor and delivery, post-partum, and newborn nursery. I went to OB straight out of nursing school and felt so blessed as it had always been my calling.

I loved teaching nursing students and would often save “textbook” strips in my locker so I could show them what a good fetal heart monitor strip looked like. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Good visuals are always key in learning! One of my favorite parts of being a nurse is precepting and educating the next generation. I love tutoring and can assist you find your way through the NCLEX.

I left my nursing job of over 15 years because I didn’t really believe in what we did there anymore. I wanted laboring moms to have a voice in their birth, and I felt we were doing them a disservice instead. I inspire change and can inspire the change you need in passing the NCLEX. I am currently working as an educator for pediatric home care nurses and aids. I review needed skills as well as assisting with CPR training. I have a passion for living a lifestyle utilizing essential oils and minimizing the use of chemicals and toxic cleaners. I look forward to helping each of you reach your nursing goals! Let’s get started and PASS the NCLEX!

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