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Jill Purcell, BSN-RN

As a wife and mother of 3 young children, Jill started the adventure of Nursing School. At Corning Community College, she took the maximum number of credits to complete her Associate in Nursing Degree in 18 months. At the end of her preceptorship, Jill was offered a job in Oncology at a local hospital. She worked full-time and fell in love with Hospice and End of life care. She became certified in Chemotherapy Administration and Biotherapy. Jill also obtained her specialized Oncology Certification. Jill worked on the oncology unit for 10 years.

Jill advanced to the manager of the Coumadin Clinic, providing care and education to patients and their families. This included dietary changes, medication titration, serum lab monitoring, and primary provider collaboration.

During this time, she enjoyed the responsibility of developing a training program. This was for the Onboarding Nursing staff to the Clinics in the Northwestern Region for Guthrie Medical Group. This included organizing the necessary remedial education, and scheduling training sessions. This program was developed to assess the needs of each new staff member. Jill was responsible to review and evaluate previous education, experience, and skills and design their training program specifically organized around the student needs.

Jill also used her leadership and educational skills by maintaining staff records of Basic Life Certifications. She organized the certification documents and developed a program for Leadership Access and monitor Certification needs. She scheduled the necessary classes and worked with staff to ensure all certifications were current.

Jill continued her career as a nurse educator and leader as a Registered Nurse Case Manager for Hospice and Palliative Patients. This was a home-based hospice. She led members of the Interdisciplinary Team: Spiritual Care Counselors, Social Workers, and Licensed Practical Nurses. She developed a network of resources with primary care physicians, community resources, and families in Chemung County, New York.

Jill’s philosophy of the field of Nursing, you never stop learning. Every day will bring experiences that will improve your practice. Always look for those opportunities. Jill loves to learn, and she loves to share what she has learned with others. Jill is an excellent nurse educator and looks forward working one-to-one as she guides you to NCLEX success.

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