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Heart Failure

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Congested heart failure in simple terms means the heart is failing to pump efficiently. You can have left heart failure and right heart failure.

Think of the circulation of the blood to and from the heart. Blood going in will enter the right side of heart, then to the lungs and finally to the left side that pumps the blood to the body.

If the right side of the heart is failing to pump effectively, specifically the right ventricle, there is a backup of fluid in the periphery. Early symptoms such as weight gain peripheral edema, ascites and shortness of breath will be present.

Left sided heart failure symptoms can be all of the above but most concerning is the backup of fluid in the lungs causing respiratory distress and can lead to pulmonary edema.

Think of the heart as the plumbing system of the body. Anything that prevents the normal flow of blood pumped through the body as designed will cause a backup in the system.
By understanding this concept, you will be able to figure out what the causes may be.

by Susan B.

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