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Dairy of a Student Nurse – Human Dignity

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He lay there while the two student nurses washed his body. This soul was once a strong and viable man. Today his diaper was changed by the nursing students that could easily be his daughters.
Life had not dealt a healthy hand to this man. His legs lay motionless on the bed. Both arms are stiff and bent to his chest. His speech slurred as he spoke. The dignity of this man was long forgotten. The man’s eyes told the sad and lonely tale of his life. The nursing student smiled and said, “Sir, let me know if I am scrubbing too hard.” He replied, “Lady your the first nurse to ever ask me that question, scrub hard.”
The bed bath and the dressing of the man were complete. Sitting in his wheelchair, he looks to the mirror. Fresh, clean clothes and an hour of care returned a smile across the hardened face. He rolled towards the door to face another day in the waiting room of death. He turned and said, “Ladies, you are appreciated, you made me feel good!” He turned with his head high and rolled away possessing his dignity once again.
By Sherrie Bazin
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