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You Are Not Alone

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Nursing School has been a life-changing experience for all of us. Adapting to the daily stresses brought on by the wealth of information we are expected to learn while keeping our lives together can sometimes border on lunacy!
In getting to know some of you I have been comforted by learning that most of us share the same feelings and insecurities about this great mystery called Nursing. If at any point you have found yourself sitting in class thinking:  “OH-MY-GOSH….. WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT??” or “OH MY GOSH, DID I FORGET TO READ THAT PAGE IN THE CHAPTER?” or better still “STICK WHAT WHERE?!?” (while everyone else seems real eager).  Well, believe me when I tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
Most of us at one point or the other in this short time span have felt the pressure, and perhaps only because the person next to you woke up pretty confident that morning. But the reality is we are all experiencing the same fears and emotions…..together.
While it’s true that some of us are better skilled (or perhaps have more time) at juggling a variety of stimuli, keep in mind you too were chosen for this. And you are just as smart and strong as that person sitting beside you.
So when that self-proclaimed 3.9er next to you claims he/she can perform a Cricotomy with his/her eyes closed while quoting the exact passage from Smeltzer (I have the pictures to prove it you know..) (OK THAT WAS A BAD JOKE…SERIOUSLY), then ask them to teach you how! You will find you will not only learn from them but perhaps find a strong source of support to guide you along the way.
Good Luck…
By Vana Tello (student nurse 1/27/03)
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